A Halloween Miracle

I hoped Leo would “tell” me what he wanted to be for Halloween with his personality, and in September he solidified his costume idea when he bit Kyle in the neck in his fight against bedtime. The baby’s habit of biting along with his waking up throughout the night told me…

My sweet little Leo would make a great vampire.

Leo in his vampire costume

With Halloween on a Sunday, sweet Leo got to thrive in his dapper little costume – cape and all – all weekend long. He wore it to daycare Friday, where I’m pretty sure he was the only baby who dressed up for the holiday (and they likely took it off after I left).

He wore it trick-or-treating with his older baby cousins, Jace and Shea, Saturday night. We went to Goodyear Ballpark, where the Cleveland Indians have spring training, for a free Halloween event for kiddos. If Leo remembers this as his first Halloween, we’ve set a pretty high bar for the rest of his trick-or-treating years.

And he wore it Sunday, on Halloween, to our Lamaze group Halloween party where he got to play with his other little baby friends.

Leo and Kiaus playing

Leo seemed to be in the Halloween spirit all weekend long. Saturday night at the stadium he happily strolled along in his vampire attire staring at all the other dressed-up kids and families. He didn’t complain once about being in his oversized, scratchy costume. He seemed to enjoy how adorable he looked in it.

Sunday morning he bopped along to some club music at breakfast (totally my kid) while rocking some cute Halloween ears.

Leo smiling

But by Sunday night at the Lamaze group party, he was over it. He cried in the playpen with his friends and ripped off his cape, eager to shed himself of this vampire identity, it seemed.

This boy has always had the Sunday Scaries, and Sunday nights are notorious for wicked wakeups. That’s how Sunday night was trending when we got him ready for bed. Kyle and I settled in for what we thought would be a long night.

But the next thing we knew, it was 4:30 am when we first heard him cry.

“Kyle! It’s 4:30!! He did it!!!”

Leo slept through the night for the first time in his 9 months of life.


He’s DONE with the vampire phase!

It’s a Halloween miracle!!!

That was 4 days ago. Each night since then he has woken up multiple times.

But now we know it’s possible.

I will hang onto that night as a record that he CAN do it. Halloween is my new favorite holiday. There is magic in costumes and candy and pumpkins.

There is magic in babies (and parents) sleeping through the night.

How was your Halloween? Did you sleep through the night or did the Sunday Scaries get to you? Share your Halloween stories and costumes in the comments 🙂

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