What does a writer like?

You might think notebooks, pens, books…and you’re definitely right, these are great gifts for writers. But if you want to really surprise the writer on your Christmas list, think beyond the general act of writing. How can your gift help their creative process, ease their writing stress or help them grow as a writer? This gifts-for-writers guide is full of both thoughtful and practical things that writers will love.

Whether you have a writer friend to gift for or you’re a writer and want to give yourself a little something, check out my list of favorite things for writers.

15 Gifts for Writers

The following gifts are thoughtful ways to give back to the writer in your life this holiday season:

1. Fancy notebooks, journals or planners

The keyword here is fancy. I know these are the typical things writers use, but they don’t often treat themselves to the nice stuff. We go through so many notebooks that we stick to buying the $1 notebooks and memo pads. I secretly (maybe not so secretly) love a nice hard-cover notebook, journals with inspirational designs and planners with space for every thought possible.

2. Pens, highlighters and ink

The same goes here – writers don’t often buy themselves nice things, but they can be very particular about their pens (or pencils)! A nice set of durable pens would be a real treat to any writer. Along the same lines, highlighters are great for editing work, and buying new printer ink is like filling the car up with gas – dreadful, but necessary.

3. Shower notes

Ideas often strike in the shower, and, along with the hot water, are gone in about 10 minutes if not written down. Save your writer friend’s million-dollar idea with this unique gift!

4. Work uniforms

Yoga pants, plain long-sleeve shirts, over-sized sweatshirts – what does your writer wear when they sit down to write for hours on end?

5. Coffee, tea, wine, whiskey

Writers are notorious for having a good buzz at work, whether it’s from caffeine or booze! Get them a nice version of their drink of choice.

6. Essential oils

Creativity, focus, stress relief, sore joints – writers can use essential oils to aid in various aspects of the writing process. Cypress, jasmine and basil are good for creating an atmosphere conducive to creativity, while peppermint, marjoram and lavender may work to ease pain after long hours of sitting.

7. Manicure or massage

In a job where the hands do the majority of the brunt work, freshly manicured nails can make a pleasant difference. Colorful, neat nails add a creative spark to the mundane process of typing on the same keyboard day after day. And who couldn’t use a massage?
nails at keyboard gift for writers

8. Laptop bag

A nice laptop bag can make a writer feel more professional when they’re out at conferences or coffee shops.

9. Lapdesk

Allow your writer friend to safely and conveniently write on the couch or in bed with a lapdesk big enough for their laptop, mouse, maybe even a notepad.

10. Ticket to a conference, workshop or writing class

This is a good gift for the writer who doesn’t need or want material things. Instead, this gift can enrich their writing career and skills. Several workshops, conferences and writing classes pop up all the time, but tickets can add up quickly. Treat your writer to a memorable, enriching experience.

11. Personalized writing retreat

Often times, writers need the gift of extra time to work on their writing. Give them that time by booking their stay at a cabin or hotel in a peaceful area, making a little retreat customized to their liking.

12. Gift card to their favorite coffee shop

If your writer friend is a coffee shop writer, pitch in to their daily rent with a gift card to the shop they frequent.
writer at coffee shop gifts for writers

13. Coloring books

Coloring not only help writers relieve stress and sort out their thoughts, it also further develops their creative muscles. Get them a coloring book to unwind after long stretches of writing.

14. Dry erase boards

Many writers like to plan their stories out visually. Dry erase boards are great for character mapping, plotting and of course, planning.

15. Ask to read their work!

This is perhaps the best gift a writer will never ask for. Showing genuine care and interest to read what they have written means more to many writers than any fancy pen or material object. If you’re really behind in your gift shopping, don’t even worry about the writer on your list. Just ask what they are working on, and let them know you would love to read it.

Writers are pretty simple to shop for. There is a good mix of inexpensive needs as well as high-end treats and experiences, all of which aid in a more enjoyable writing process. When in doubt, simply ask about their work. Writing is such a job of battling self-doubt and generating confidence; acknowledging them as a writer and taking interest in their work does more than you think.

Have you given or received an awesome writing-related gift in the past? Tell me about it by leaving a comment!

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A Writer’s Favorite Things: 15 Gifts for Writers
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