A Reader’s Favorite Things: 12 Gifts for Readers

“A book is a gift you can open again and again.”

-Garrison Keiller

Reader friends, ain’t that the truth?

girl reading kindle gifts for readers

But readers don’t necessarily need books for Christmas. Book gifting can even be risky if you don’t know what the person likes or has read. Make the reader in your life happy with non-book gifts, things that may enhance their reading experience or help them spread their joy of reading.

Whether you have a reader to buy for this Christmas or you’re a reader and want to give your family ideas, here are a few of my favorite things that involve the wonderful pastime of reading.

12 Gifts for Readers

Unless a reader asks for a specific book, you can’t go wrong with these non-book gift ideas:

1. “Currently Reading” box

For the readers who jump between multiple books at a time, a currently-reading box is a cute way for them to stay organized…and keep their house tidied. Between my husband and I, we have anywhere from 5-10 books going at a time. While I love that books take up the house, seeing them scattered everywhere frazzles my wannabe-organized mindset. I re-purposed this little box from our wedding programs to keep my currently-reading list under control.

book box gift for readers
My “Currently Reading” box and my “Current Journal” box

2. Reading lamp

Readers who aren’t ready to switch to the electronic reading style will appreciate a lamp for their bedside or whatever little nook they enjoy reading in. Nothing is more frustrating than getting out of bed to turn the light off when you’re falling asleep with a book in your hand.

3. Bookplate stamp

This was one of my favorite gifts from my wedding – a “From the Library of Michelle Barichello” (married name) stamp. I love gifting books and trying to force the reading habit upon others, and I’ll write on the book cover my pitch for why this book will change the recipient’s life. This stamp makes for such a cute sign-off. These are great for readers who lend their books. If you’re a chronic book lender, perhaps the stamp will even prevent book thieving in the future!

bookplate stamp gifts for readers

4. Book journal

You’ve just finished a book and the ending left you boiling with emotions, stirring with questions and burning to talk to someone about it. Of course, no one around you has finished the same book at the same second you did, unfortunately. Enter the book journal! My mom got me one of these for Christmas a couple years ago, and I love having a place to pour all my thoughts out after finishing a book. It’s also nice to have a log of all the titles I’ve read in one place, so I can easily go back and make recommendations to people.

5. Book weight

Readers are a bit obsessed – we’ve often been caught reading while brushing our teeth, cooking dinner or drying our hair. If you see your reader friend struggling to multitask with their paper book in hand, a book weight is a perfect gift for them!

6. Bookmarks and tabs

In my opinion, a reader can’t have enough cute bookmarks. Whether they’re little paper quote designs or heavy, decorative things, bookmarks are meaningful to the reading process. Book tabs are also helpful; whether your reader likes nonfiction or fiction, they might like to mark certain spots to come back to without actually marking up the book.

bookmarks gift for reader bookmark gift for readers

7. Art prints

If you know your reader’s favorite author, get her a cute decorative print with quotes for her reading room.

jane austen gift for reader

8. Blanket

Reading is often done in the coziness of the home. Get your reader a warm blanket that invites her to snuggle up with a good book. Another of my favorite wedding gifts is a fleece-tie blanket with books on one side and Disney princesses on the other, a warm reminder of my two favorite things.

book and blanket gifts for readers

9. Mug

Tea, hot chocolate, Bailey’s and coffee – reading goes hand in hand with sipping something hot. Whatever your reader’s drink of choice, get her a personal mug that she’ll go to for her reading time.

harry potter mugs gifts for readers the hunger games coffee mug gifts for readers

10. Book bag

Okay, not a school bag, but a bag for all their books! For the library goers, gift them a reading-enthused bag to carry all their books in.

11. Kindle

While many readers love the feel of a print book, there’s no denying the convenience of a kindle or e-reader. They’re portable and they carry thousands of book without all the extra weight.

12. Donate

For the reader who has everything, donate to their favorite library or a book cause in their name. Your reader will appreciate that you’re spreading the gift of reading to others. All we really want is for everyone to know the gift of reading!

little girl reading

Readers don’t necessarily need books as gifts, but something to enhance their reading life works just as well. Surprise the reader on your list with reading paraphernalia, a cozy blanket or an organization system for their books. Whichever way you go, they’ll love that you took their passionate interest for reading into account.

And if the shopping experience encourages a non-reading gifter to pick up a book, these gifts are a double-win!

Have you received an awesome reading-related gift in the past? Tell me about it in the Comments section!

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