10 Personal Development Podcasts to Change Your Paradigm

personal development podcastsWhat’s your biggest goal for the year? We’ve only got two months left – how close are you to reaching those solutions you made in January?

Sometimes we need a surge of motivation, an outside source to inspire us to keep moving along our path. Maybe it’s the Cubs coming back from the Indians 3-1 lead in the World Series to win it all (!!!!!). Maybe it’s a friend getting her book published or crossing the line of a marathon.

But these inspiring moments only come around so often. They might drive us back to our goal only for a couple weeks until we lose motivation again. We need something that will push us to that state of desire daily.

I started listening to podcasts about two years ago and have been hooked. They accompany me on car rides, walks with Yoshi and on cake-baking days. They’re the voices of real people with real stories that teach me something new every day. Many podcasts have the power to shift your paradigm – just ask my once skeptic husband.

If you’re ready to learn new things, shift your mindset and explore deeper thinking, check out my favorite 10 personal development podcasts.

1. The Model Health Show – Shawn Stevenson and Jade Harrell

The Model Health Show is my go-to podcast. It’s also the one that changed my husband’s life on a car trip this summer. Expert nutritionist Shawn Stevenson delivers on all topics of health, from food and fitness to sleep and happiness. Many episodes express how to get the most out of your relationships and your daily life. Not only is his content inspiring and well researched, but he and Jade are so conversational and enjoyable to listen to.

This is a good one to get started with if you’re new to podcasts. Shawn and Jade are entertaining and extremely informative. Start with Episode 158: 13 Rules of Health That I Live By.

2. The School of Greatness – Lewis Howes

Lewis Howes has amazing guests on The School of Greatness. From movie stars and musicians to Olympic athletes and authors, he gets the best of the best in their field. These interviews bring out deep insights into the values and strategies that successful people have used to get where they are, as well as the lessons they’ve learned along the way.

My favorite episode is an early one, Episode 26: Why Silver Sucks: Lessons on Second Place and Self Worth with Shawn Johnson.

3. Mind Body Musings – Maddy Moon

Maddy Moon is a former fitness model who lost herself in the dieting and fitness industry. Having left that life behind, Maddy promotes positive body image and self-love on her podcast Mind Body Musings. Her show has recently shifted more to personal development in general, helping women not only feel better about themselves in their bodies but to work toward the goals and lives they want.

I like listening to Maddy because she’s right around my age (mid-20s) and I can relate to the things she has been through. Listening to her is like having a friend coach you through a tough time. If you’re a woman struggling with confidence, body image or believing in yourself, this is a personal development podcast you’ll want in your ear frequently.

One of my favorite episodes is a more recent one: 6 Ways to Manifest What You Want.

4. Happier – Gretchen Rubin and Elizabeth Craft

You may have heard of Gretchen Rubin’s book The Happiness Project. Happier is the weekly audio version of what this book explores – making and sticking to better habits, dealing with difficult situations and, of course, being happier in the day-to-day. In each episode, Gretchen and her sister Elizabeth offer a Try This at Home tip and happiness hacks, and they give themselves happiness gold stars and demerits.

These two always give me new ideas. I recommend listening to Episodes 35-38 to learn about the four types of personality tendencies and figure out which one you are. I know I’m an upholder!

5. The Art of Charm – Jordan Harbinger

The Art of Charm podcast comes from a team of mentors with exceptional advice to help you excel in your career, love life and lifestyle. These guys offer interviews from experts that will help you to network better, make stronger connections and think deeper about your goals and life.

Check out Episode 445: Dr. Carol Dweck: The Motivated Mindset.

6. Confidence on the Go – Trish Blackwell

Trish Blackwell is a personal trainer and life coach whose podcast is filled with her enthusiastic spirit and positive energy. Confidence on the Go will likely appeal to more women, with topics like body confidence and being beautiful in your skin. Trish inspires you to be more present, find more joy in your life and discover your self-worth. She is incredibly uplifting, another friendly voice to keep in your ear.

Check out Episode 166: Making Your Voice Matter.

7. The Charged Life – Brendan Burchard

The Charged Life is great for quick, short tips and insights that help us become a better person. Brendan Burchard speaks with energy on life topics like finding your purpose, dealing with negative people and overcoming adversity. Each 15-minute episode offers actionable tips you can apply to your life.

He has a series of four episodes on mastering change that I found to be really powerful. Start with Mastering Change: Society’s Spell.

8. Over It And On With It – Christine Hassler

In the format of a coaching call, Christine Hassler talks through a problem with her guests and gives them action tips to get through it. Hassler follows up in a sequel episode by interviewing an expert on the topic of her guest’s problem. Over It And On With It gives you techniques to overcome obstacles, heal from your past and move forward to the future you want. With real everyday people and common situations, you’re likely to relate to many of the callers Hassler coaches on her podcast.

One of my favorite episodes is a more recent one: Coaches Corner: Get it Done! How to Stop Procrastinating and Get Over Feeling Blocked with Samantha Bennett

9. This is Your Life – Michael Hyatt

Michael Hyatt is a successful author, blogger, speaker and former chairman and CEO of a major company, Thomas Nelson Publishers. In This is Your Life, Hyatt delivers principles to live an intentional life of leadership and purpose. He offers advice for a mixture of topics, from work-life balance and values to more entrepreneurial topics such as blogging and networking.

Check out Episode 71, Season 7: 6 Strategies to Become a Better Conversationalist.

10. Optimal Living Daily – Justin Malik

If you’re a fan of reading blog posts, Optimal Living Daily is a convenient way to stay up on popular personal development blogs while driving to work or getting ready in the morning. This format is different than the others mentioned here. Instead of providing interviews or monologues, Justin Malik reads blog posts on personal development, productivity, mindset and growth. Blogs featured on this podcast include The Minimalists, Zen Habits and Nerd Fitness.

Check out Episode 327: 5 Things You Should Know About Letting Go.

Podcasts are great resources that are free and easily accessible. Of course, I always love reading a good nonfiction book for new insights, but podcasts are often more convenient and offer plenty of thought-provoking discussions. Give one of these personal development podcasts a try and let me know what you think. Hopefully they’ll be able to help you on your path to achieving your goals as they have helped me.

Have any favorites to add to the list? Let me know by leaving a comment!

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