If only I could do my work from the top of this mountain

Happy Friday, and happy Spring! It sure was nice to come back from a sunny vacation to sunshine in Iowa these past few days. After the 14-day gray streak, I didn’t have high hopes for what I’d return to in the Midwest. To me, every day is Friday when the sun’s out!

Hope you all have had a great week. Mine has been a mix of vacation followed by a few days of acting like I’m still on vacation – pretty much, it’s been amazing. I’m ready to kick it into full gear again after Easter, but let’s end the week with a good ol’ reflection.

Here’s how TGIF works:

  • T – Truth: Tell me something you learned about yourself this week.
  • G – Growth: Describe one way in which you grew this week, whether it’s in the direction of a goal or something unexpected.
  • I – Inspiration: List one thing that inspired you this week.
  • F – Fun: Talk about what you did to have FUN this week!

I’ll share mine, and remember to share yours by leaving a comment.


I actually like hiking! I’ve never been an outdoors girl – I like princesses and not getting my hands dirty – but my husband is all about hiking and nature and stars, all that good stuff.

Since our honeymoon was all about the beach, I knew this trip was going to be a lot less laying around and a lot more climbing rocks. To my surprise, I loved it! We hiked every day of our trip in Arizona, starting at the Grand Canyon, followed by Cathedral Rock in Sedona, and a few surprise hikes in Pheonix. We averaged more than 20,000 steps each day, which felt awesome for a vacation.

Perhaps I liked it so much because it was sunny and the temperature was absolutely perfect, but there was something meditative about all of it. Climbing those rocks made me focus on the task at hand, quieting my usually cluttered brain for a few hours at a time. It was both peaceful and challenging, and I loved it.


My goals seem to be changing by the minute, but each week I’m aiming to do something that pushes me out of my comfort zone. Before we left for Arizona, I did my first Facebook Live on my Enhancing Life with Essential Oils page!

I tend to brainstorm all these things I want to do, like teaching oils classes and doing Facebook Lives, but I’ll put them off and make it seem like there’s so much I need to do or learn before I can actually do those things. Well, when someone else tells me to do it, it’s amazing how quickly I can just jump in and do it without fear. This is why it’s great to have coaches and mentors keeping you accountable.


Goodness, so many things inspired me in the last week. People of all ages and sizes were climbing those trails. We met people who were kind and incredibly friendly. We had conversations with folks who loved to travel and do their own thing.

In addition to all that, a piece of inspiration that really affected me was an episode on the School of Greatness podcast. Check out The Happiness Equation with Mo Gawdat – this interview was a real eye-opener for setting expectations and reacting to disappointments.


What wasn’t fun about this week? I spent hours out in the sun with my husband, we went to a Major League Baseball game, and met tons of interesting people. Every day was fun!

Your turn! How was your week? Share your TGIF in the comments section!

TGIF – Arizona Style!
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