Stuck on Leo

Eat, sleep, play goes the life of the baby. No matter the day or week, baby life goes in this blissful cycle. Their goals come naturally – keep practicing tummy time until I can lift my head, keep practicing my twisting until I can roll over, keep practicing my balance until I can sit up unassisted. Leo’s current goal is standing himself up, and he crawls to me over and over for help. The first time he reached his little hands out to me and leaned in, it blew my mind.

This is new!

Leo standing up
He loves showing off his new skills.

Most Saturdays are Mommy-and-Leo days, where between naps and feedings we turn to our make-shift playroom and I watch Leo happily play with the same toys all day long. I have ambitious ideas of taking him to the grocery store with me, or strolling him through the book store, or even having him be my date at a coffee shop.

Then I realize it’s well over 100 degrees outside, and carting him in and out of the car seat for unnecessary trips sounds unenjoyable for both of us.

So I order grocery delivery, play a book on audio, and take rushed gulps of average home coffee in between his crawling on me to stand him up. And we play.

Leo playing with toys
Can’t get enough toys!

This Arizona summer has been milder than the previous three we’ve spent here, but I feel more cooped up than usual, not wanting to take the baby out and get him too hot. The nicer days are coming and we’ll be out on the move soon, I tell myself, but Leo doesn’t seem to be bothered by this confinement to his same play mat and his same toys and his same parents.

He shakes his rattle around in delight as if he’s first discovering the interesting noise it makes. He knocks over his block tower repeatedly, each time turning and waiting for me to clap for him. He puts on his biggest, brightest smile every time I put him on my knees for Leo airplanes, knowing what’s coming.

Leo playing in his diaper
Who wouldn’t love playing with this guy all day?

I may feel a little stuck inside the house, but I need to remember that I’ll never experience this unique time again in my life. Whether we have another baby or not, this is the only time I get to be a new parent playing with my only child, my 7-month-old son, witnessing the new things he does and the new ways he discovers his same surroundings.

It’s a pretty special place to be stuck in.

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  1. Oh my gosh, Michelle! His cuteness just took my breath away! I’m so glad you have time to enjoy Leo! He’s precious!❤️

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