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What I’ve Been Writing Lately: Introducing “More Than Twentysomething”

Almost two years ago, I started a blog called Naturally Ever Afer. My intention was to connect with women on issues of body image, self-worth and confidence. I was excited and passionate about the project and the connections I made with readers on these topics.

But about six months in of publishing three blog posts a week, I noticed the blog turning into something different than what I had in mind. Or, maybe it was exactly what I had in mind – but it wasn’t the right fit for my purpose, for what I wanted to do with my writing.

Naturally Ever After was going in the direction of self-help, how-to and personal development. Even if I had a unique writing voice or an original perspective, the content I was writing wasn’t anything you hadn’t seen before. People could find plenty of articles on how to improve their self-confidence in any number of places on the Internet, and it’s possible that my posts were only adding to the pressuring messages we’re inundated with every day that we’re not enough as we are, that we have something to improve on.

Don’t get me wrong, I know we all have things to improve on – that’s what helps us evolve and grow. But I don’t think we need to be reminded of it by every headline we see.

Plus, who was I to preach on these topics when I still battled them myself?

My twenties have been a rollercoaster. Jobs, friends, moves – I’m in a never-ending process of figuring it out.

And when I think I do have things figured out, God laughs and reminds me that I am and always will be learning.

These are the experiences I want to share.

I want to share real, personal stories in my voice. Stories only I can write. Stories that I hope resonate with you as you think about your twenties, whether you’re embarking on them, going through them or reflecting back on them. Stories that I hope make you think, question and contemplate your own experiences.

That remind you you’re not alone.

That help you put things in perspective.

That help you remember that everyone has a story, and likely, someone has gone through something similar to you.

My best avenue for this is to write an essay collection, a form of creative nonfiction writing that looks different from your typical self-help or how-to book. “More Than Twentysomething” is my project which I aim to share quality writing, personal stories with universal themes and vulnerable moments of insight.

Some of this writing will come through in these weekly blog posts and some in a monthly email newsletter I’ll be starting up soon. But be warned, other than some book recommendations and lessons I share for reflective purposes, this isn’t going to be a how-to blog that promises to show you how to master self-confidence overnight.

Because like you, I am not an expert at being a twentysomething. I am a student figuring it out on the page, one paragraph at a time.

If you want to keep up with my progress on the essay collection and receive more content like this, please follow my Facebook page for now and you’ll see when my email newsletter is ready! I’ll share content from other quality writers that inspires me as I do research. Thanks for coming along on this journey, and please leave comments or send me an email at any time to share what’s on your mind!

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