Sweet Leo is 6 Months Old!

Sweet Leo is already 6 months old! I remember when he was a little sweet potato bundled in my arms for long naps while I juggled a cup of coffee and a book on my kindle during maternity leave, thinking my boy will one day be 6 months?! That sounds so old! He’ll be so big!

It is old, and he is big. 6 months is a lifetime in baby years. We have a babbling, scooting, sitting-up, straw-cup-drinking, solid-eating boy now, with two little chompers coming in the bottom row. We’ve graduated from fussing in the bassinet to fussing in the crib, exploring every nook and cranny of this new bed cage from every angle and direction.
And the sleep.
No, you know what – we’re just going to slide right past that topic this month.
Leo Loves his morning walks with us. He loves grabbing Yoshi’s fur (and Yoshi is starting to love him back (because he’s starting solids now and loves to share). He loves drinking cold water, grabbing faces, and scooting beyond his playmat. Little Leo is constantly on the move, and constantly smiling.
I am so in love with his smile and look forward to it all day. This little boy is teaching me to slow down and be content with long Saturdays of play and sleep, and play and sleep. Nothing really needs to be done today, or this year, but helping keep this boy safe and thriving. He reminds me that the best cure to a stressful day is extra cuddling, a cure I hope he never gets tired of.
Happy half-birthday, our little lion!

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