michelle chalkey freelance writer

Everyone has a story.

Schools, businesses and non-profit organizations. Authors, heroes and hobbyists.

We all have a unique story to share with the world. Whether it be through a newspaper or magazine article, a blog or social media post, or even your own memoir, you want your message to come through in a way that captivates your readers.

That’s where I come in.

Hi! I’m Michelle, your professional writer and personal storyteller. I enjoy sharing stories of people and businesses doing good things. Writing is my practice and my passion, my way of spreading inspiring messages and making sense of the world.

With rich and compelling content, you or your organization can shine through your story. Stories allow readers and customers to connect on more personal levels.

Want to know more about my storytelling background? This post goes into more detail about how I came to be a writer.

Storytelling Specialties

Reporting Stories

In my experience writing for Iowa Living Magazines, I’ve shared stories of extraordinary educators, churches and families making a difference across Central Iowa. My days in newspaper reporting allowed me to spread the word about new businesses, people with interesting hobbies and local heroes serving our country. I’ve also had the privilege of sharing stories of successful alumni from Central College in their quarterly magazine, Civitas.

Editing Stories

Maybe you like telling your own story, but every piece of written work can benefit from having another set of eyes look at it. As an editor, I can help you find the holes to fill and determine the most compelling parts to focus on to connect with your readers. I’ve enjoyed helping people by editing various publications, including resumes, cover letters, essays, and – my favorite – book manuscripts.

Reviewing Stories

As someone who writes, I am by default an avid reader. I love reviewing books and sharing effective stories with others. Check out my blog for recent book reviews.

Making Up Stories

Related to my passion (obsession) for reading, creative writing is a heavy part of my portfolio. My short stories have been published on Short Fiction Break and Wordhaus, and I am currently drafting my first novel.

Telling My Story

Through blogging and essay writing, I love sharing lessons I’ve learned in my life. In the past year, I have learned to manage some unpleasant health issues by implementing stress-management techniques. Because of my self-development practice, I have improved my mindset and realized the ability I have to achieve anything I desire. Now, I hope to encourage others to adopt this mindset for themselves.

Earlier this year, I started the blog Naturally Ever After as a way to help women manage stress and overcome negative body image. My posts have been featured on the popular health and fitness blogs Fit Bottomed Girls and Fit Bottomed Eats, as well as on Women’s Running and Health and Wellness Magazine.

Head over to my Hire Me page to learn more about how my storytelling services can impact you.


More About the Writer

My incredibly supportive husband, Kyle, and I just moved to sunny Arizona from Iowa. Our sweet black lab, Yoshi, is the light of our lives. When I’m not writing or reading, I join Kyle in cooking up healthy meals in the kitchen and now adventuring in the mountains!